Poland 2012-718

at the end of april, my entire family travelled to poland for my cousin's wedding. if you've never been to a true polish wedding, i would recommend attending at least one in your lifetime, somehow or some way :) monika and zbyszek were married on saturday april 28th. the festivities lasted into the early hours of the morning with food, drinks and music all night long. the next day, we all partook in "poprawiny", which, literally translated, means "do-over" or "fix". the tradition is just that, a do-over where the bride and groom, family and other guests all meet in the afternoon for a round two celebration lasting into the evening. though it wasn't an official shoot, the photos here are a selection from both days. of all my trips to poland, this was by far one whose memories i will carry in my heart for many years to come. congratulations monika and zbyszek!

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