It started as a conversation between friends and has grown to be a project that I am so very excited about. Six lifestyle photographers from across the country forming a circle and blogging once a month about a day (or an hour, or 5 minutes!) in the life of our littles. We all wanted to slow down and capture the everyday moments. I am thrilled to be working with this amazing group and can't wait to catch a glimpse into their everyday. This month, I chose to blog a very ordinary Saturday, because I want to remember even the most ordinary moments through the eyes of my sweet girl. When you've read the post be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the post and follow the circle around to check out what my talented friend Jennifer Nobriga has been up to this month . Her work is so refreshingly honest and beautiful, you will not be disappointed!

Now follow the circle around and check out what a day in the life looks like for Jennifer Nobriga here.  She's awesomely talented, you can see more of her work on Facebook here too!